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We’re Samir Sridhar and Jayesh Bhargava. Welcome to our website bettingapp.in

bettingapp.in about us bettingapp.in about us

As two marketing and internet entrepreneurs, we have spent many years helping consumers find the right products for their needs. We have vast experience in taking industries with many consumer variables and helping people make the right choices, through informative, explanatory, and educational online content.

We are both huge sports fans; in particular cricket. We love the Indian Premier League and have always taken a keen interest in test matches, whether it be India or any overseas country. We also love football. We long for the day the ISL is as big a part of the football calendar as the English Premier League or Spanish La Liga. Nevertheless we are keen to watch all sports as much as possible.

“We want our users to be fully informed, making the right choice for themselves and their own circumstances”.

Sport in India is huge. Cricket is obviously the most popular of all however there is a huge demand for watching sport on TV, streaming over the internet, or enjoying the spectacle live in a stadium. The appetite is enormous and where there are two competing teams or individuals, there will be opinions on who will win and will lose.

As such we have recognized the enormous thirst for sports betting in India. Customers across the country are now presented with a vast number of different betting apps, sites, and platforms, not to mention new customer deals, sign-up offers, and promotions. The sheer number on offer can be quite confusing, leaving consumers to take the plunge without being fully informed about what it is they’re signing up to.

This is where our experience and knowledge can help. In a nutshell, we have done and will continue to do all of the hard work, reviewing and presenting our findings in such a way, betting customers know exactly what it is they are doing.

How can Bettingapp.in work for you?

This website is essentially a betting app review tool for customers in India. Betting laws in India are vague, to say the least, and the main companies in the industry have identified ways to allow players to enjoy their products. As with anything, the more demand the higher the supply; in this case the more betting apps to choose from.

Sports and other gambling products such as casino will not change. The events will always happen. So how is one betting app more suitable than another?

“Betting apps can be subtle in differences. To the novice they can be unclear. We want to users to have the best experience betting responsibly on their favourite sports”.

We have simply laid out, in an easy-to-use format the best mobile betting sites available. What their products include and how to claim any rewards. Our experience means we can offer a valued opinion on what sites would work best, depending on what is needed. For example, we prefer the betting app 10Cric to bet on cricket, simply because it offers the best markets and odds for this sport. It isn’t necessarily the best app to use for playing online casino games.

Mobile betting apps are ever-changing. The companies behind the apps are always looking for clever new ideas, all designed to entice players to use them. A recent feature introduced was bet builders; an option for players to create their own bets. As one site created a successful bet builder another followed suit and so on.

As the betting industry in India grows, so will our website. Keeping new and existing customers fully informed of the latest offerings.

We hope you enjoy our bettingapp.in and find it an extremely useful tool, helping you to make a better, more informed judgment. For interest and as an example of how some bets can be placed we have a regular ISL tips blog. You can also follow us on Twitter @bettingappindia. We also support and encourage responsible gambling.