Best Casino apps

Are you looking to play the best casino apps on your smartphone or tablet? Do you live in India and want to know how to play Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, or Bacarrat?

Let us guide you to the very best mobile casino games available to Indian players. We’ll explain exactly which apps are available, how to download and use them, and of course how to claim any free bet or welcome bonus exclusively available to new customers.

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Are these Casino games available to players in India?

Across the world, there are many different betting apps available. Unfortunately, not all are available. This is why we have searched the industry to bring you the best casino apps that can be accessed.

Customers in India demand the best platforms and casino offers, which we have tried, tested, and reviewed for your convenience.

Which Casino app is right for you?

We have chosen the best casino apps available. Choosing one from our list depends very much on your requirements. It will be important for some players not to compromise on usability, whilst others will demand high bonus offers.

Each casino site differs slightly. Some have higher payout percentages but lack functionality. In our opinion, a good mobile casino betting experience offers a little bit of everything; which our list of best casino apps reflects.

You can access each of the sites through our list. Take the time to have a look around. We have explained what new player welcome bonuses can be claimed and what other bonuses are on offer.

Should you play Casino on an app or desktop?

What Casino games can be played?

All of the casino companies we have listed can be enjoyed through a mobile site. The apps will work perfectly on any size screen, so if being mobile suits then there is ample opportunity to enjoy casino apps on a smaller screen.

It is a personal preference. Playing on a larger screen can have some benefits, nevertheless, apps are a fantastic way to take your enjoyment with you.

Real casinos are often seen as exciting places, full of people pitting where their wits against ‘The House’. Most of not all of the real games enjoyed in casinos can be enjoyed on mobile apps and sites, so players can be sure to find a casino game to chance their luck and try and gain some winnings.

Mobile sites and apps understand that customers want to experience the excitement of a real casino. As such the casino app products created have fantastic gameplay and usability, coupled with immersive graphics and sounds, all to provide casino players with as real experience as possible. Some of the most popular casino games include;

  • Roulette

Roulette simply translates to ‘small wheel’ and is probably the most recognizable casino game. Players choose where a small ball will land when a wheel finishes turning. There are many options to bet on, including if the ball will land on a red or black if the ball will land on an odd or even number, will the ball land on a specific number or land on a number within a group of numbers. The odds will reflect the ease of the bet.

  • Blackjack

Perhaps one of the simplest casino card games, Blackjack requires the player to get as close to 21 as possible using the least number of cards. Picture cards usually count as 10. Players play against the casino rather than an opponent so the returns will be displayed for each game.

  • Baccarat

Perhaps a strange way of playing a game but exciting none the less. Players are required to bet on whether they will win lose or tie essentially it is still predicting the outcome of a game. Cards are drawn from a dealer depending on what amount is the hand.

What is a Casino Bonus?

New players will see that the apps we have reviewed all offer a casino bonus. These offer a generally only available to new customers who sign up to join them. The bonus is a genuine offer that will come with certain terms and conditions to be able to use the monetary value of the offer. These terms could include such things as depositing a certain amount of money into the new casino account or meeting specific wagering requirements.

It is worth pointing out that although these casino bonuses are entirely real, they cannot be withdrawn as real money. Put simply they are a way to play casino games using bonuses that are rewarded for joining. If any winnings are accrued and the terms have been met, then they will be credited to the casino site account, which then is available for withdrawal.

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How to deposit 

Depositing funds into a casino app is relatively simple. The casino company needs it to happen with as little issue as possible or else no one would bother using their product.

The method of depositing funds is very much a personal preference. Each player is different. What one method works for one player may not suit another.

There are many methods of depositing funds to play casino apps. There are traditional debit/credit options as well as using e-wallets and online payment methods.

Methods of depositing funds into a casino app

Paytm is an Indian e-commerce payment facility. It is available in 11 different Indian languages and allows QR code payment transactions. Paytm currently has over 350 million users.

Immediate Payment Service; allows the safe and secure transfer of electronic monetary funds. The service is available 24/7 and each month approximatley 200 million IMPS transactions are carried each month in India.

e-commerce money and payment service with low cast transfers that can be made online. Skrill is a popular method of depositing funds into betting app accounts.

e money transfer service that allows users to deposit and transfer funds directly to and from their own accounts through a secure online facility. Neteller is widley used for gambling payments.

Widley used payment method, transferring secure online payments from banking accounts. 

Multinational financial organisation offering secure payment solutions.

How do players claim their winnings?

If casino customers have managed to play and win then undoubtedly they will want to claim their prize money. Each casino app will have slightly different methods but they can all be linked to the customers’ preferred method of receiving their winnings. Like depositing, the funds can be transferred to a chosen account which can be achieved through e-banking or more general methods like a bank transfer. Players should check their casino app allows their favoured method.

How much does it cost to play?

In terms of joining an online casino platform, the cost is absolutely free. There is no charge when setting up and creating an account.

There are countless games available to play through casino apps, including the more traditional activities mentioned above such as roulette, but also slot type games. These slot games can often be played using very little money and are often referred to as penny slots.

Playing the more traditional games will, of course, come with a cost. This is by the player betting and will need a method of depositing funds to be able to achieve this. The amount a player wishes to bet, most accept Indian Rupees, is dependant on their personal circumstances however we strongly advise to bet and gamble responsibly. By this, we mean betting only what can be afforded to lost and not getting carried away in the emotion of a fast-paced online casino app.

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What is a live casino app?

This is a really great feature of some of the best mobile casino sites India has to offer. Live casinos offer real-time and actual live dealers that appear on the screen when playing.

Live casino games are abundant and players can pit their wits against other players in the hope of winning real cash, just like playing in a real casino establishment.

A great feature is the ability to chat live both with other players and the dealer which makes the whole experience even more impressive.

Are Casino Gambling apps safe?

Betting apps and casino apps are safe to use. The companies that provide these products pride themselves on the level of encrypted software that is used t ensure player security.

Players are required to sign up with personal information, including banking and payment details. It is necessary for these details to be safeguarded against fraudsters. The betting companies need their customers to know that they can be trusted in order for the players to continue using their products.

How to download casino apps

Unfortunately, the Google play store doesn’t allow casino apps to be downloaded by players in India. That does not mean these apps cannot be accessed and enjoyed.

There is the option of sideloading apk files to a smartphone or tablet in order to gain access. These files will install the app as normal and will look and function in the same way as normal. The issue with apk files is that the source cannot always be trusted.

Another option is to sign up for one of the online casino platforms above and then create a shortcut to the casino betting site for the device that is being used. This shortcut can be accessed from the home screen of the smartphone or tablet and if the customer remains signed, will operate as though it was an app. Betting sites are constantly updated and the very latest casino tables will be available.