esports betting apps

Esports is a huge industry in India and its popularity has soared over recent years. With the advancement of regulated gambling laws, esports betting apps have really started to flourish, offering enthusiasts some exciting ways to place on their favorite video game competitions.

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What are esports?

To many people playing video games is no longer seen as a fun hobby. Esports is now a way for serious gamers to earn a living and many of them consider themselves a professional in their field.

Esports includes teams and individuals competing against each other by playing certain video games. There are some huge esports teams around the world, that come together to compete in some big money tournament events. The players involved are as popular as the best cricket players in the world or the best soccer players.

Esports fans are serious about their preferred interest. In 2017 more than 80 million people tuned in to watch the League of Legends world championship.

Where there is competition, there will be gambling opportunities. The best esports betting apps have followed suit and offer some exciting betting markets to turn viewing into winning.

Some of the most popular esports games that are available to bet on include;

  • League of Legends
  • Rainbow six
  • Counterstrike: Go
  • Starcraft
  • Dota 2
  • Overwatch

Are esports betting apps available in India?

Yes. There are some huge betting apps available. They have some superb esports betting markets, with exclusive odds and offers in INR.

There are many appealing mobile betting sites that customers can access. The vast majority of these are based elsewhere and players will find it difficult to deposit funds and bet.

We have tried, tested, and reviewed the top Indian betting apps, when you can register, deposit, bet, and withdraw. We have explained how this can be achieved.

esports betting apps

How are bets placed on esports?

Esports betting markets function like any other sports betting option. In the same way, a customer can find ways to bet on cricket, esports fans looking to gamble can use their betting apps in exactly the same way.

Esports will have their own dedicated option on the apps platform and markets will be released with odds when the events are happening.

Obviously, to place an actual bet, customers need to choose which betting app platform they are going to use.

Customers need to sign up for a new betting account and deposit funds to be able to place a stake on their chosen esports market.

Once funds are deposited the bet slip can be created by choosing the odds most appealing for the required market. The amount (stake) can be inputted and the bet placed.

Can bet bonuses be used on esports?

Depending on which of the best esports betting apps is being used then players will find a huge range of new customer welcome bonuses that can be claimed.

There are also many enhanced odds options that vary depending on which betting app is being used. Enhanced odds bonuses can be very appealing because if the bet wins, the returns will be a lot higher. These types of offers are not available across every market and are often used to tempt customers to bet on a particular esports market. Not all new player offers are the same. Some can be claimed by depositing a certain amount, whilst others require the customer to opt-in on sign up.

How to deposit into your favorite esports betting app?

There are many options to make deposits and use their favorite esports betting apps. The betting companies recognize that their players have different circumstances and requirements and therefore allow numerous methods to allow bets to placed.

There are more traditional options such as debit and credit, whilst e-wallets are becoming increasingly popular due to the ease of making online transactions.

Paytm is an Indian e-commerce payment facility. It is available in 11 different Indian languages and allows QR code payment transactions. Paytm currently has over 350 million users.

Immediate Payment Service; allows the safe and secure transfer of electronic monetary funds. The service is available 24/7 and each month approximatley 200 million IMPS transactions are carried each month in India.

e-commerce money and payment service with low cast transfers that can be made online. Skrill is a popular method of depositing funds into betting app accounts.

e money transfer service that allows users to deposit and transfer funds directly to and from their own accounts through a secure online facility. Neteller is widley used for gambling payments.

Widley used payment method, transferring secure online payments from banking accounts. 

Multinational financial organisation offering secure payment solutions.

How are winnings withdrawn?

The enjoyment of placing a bet on esports is not only the satisfaction of beating the bookmaker but also the opportunity to win financially.

When a bet is placed the returns are calculated depending on what stake is made against the odds. When the esports event concludes the bet will be either won or lost. If it wins the returns will automatically be credited to the esports betting app account. The customer can then choose to wither keep it within their betting account or use their preferred financial transaction method to withdraw it and have the winnings as real cash.

What is live betting on esports?

A very exciting and extremely popular way to bet is through a live betting option. The very best esports betting apps will offer a live betting platform, which is often called in-play.

In-play is where esports betting players can make a bet whilst the gaming action takes place in real-time. The action can fast and the betting markets will update constantly.

The advantage of betting on esports whilst in play is that the customer can be the judge of how the action may eventually be played out and conclude. Real-time shows exactly how in form a gamer is or where the value odds might be. Although this seems appealing and can mean some enthralling entertainment, it is quite easy to get caught in the fast-paced emotion and bet without control. Being in complete control is something we advocate for.

Using a betting strategy for esports

There are many strategies that can be used to place bets online. When customers think of a strategy, they usually imagine a foolproof way of betting, always winning and generating lots of money.

Winning is never guaranteed nevertheless there are ways in which betting players can use a strategy to assist them. When using an esports betting app having a strategy does not just mean finding a way of beating the bookmaker. Favorites will lose, underdogs will often flourish and the odds can often be wrong. A strategy can also mean deciding what stake amount will be used prior to betting or pre determining how many bets will be placed regardless of a win or loss.

Esports, like all other sports, lends itself perfectly to enjoying the betting experience but also remaining in control of the stakes that will be placed.

Betting responsibly on esports

Esports in India is hugely popular. As with any type of gambling, we advise and promote responsible betting. Placing bets within one’s means and only staking what can be afforded to lose is a great way to enjoy esports gambling. It is never advisable to chase losses as ultimately it will be the betting app that wins and not the customer.