Mobile Slots Apps: A Full Guide

Are you looking to play online mobile slots? Do you want to choose the best mobile betting app and claim the best bonuses?

We have tried, tested, and reviewed the best slots apps available exclusively to players in India. All of the apps available on our site welcome players from India and offer bonuses, free bets, and spins in INR.

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What are Mobile Slots apps?

If you think of the traditional slot machines available in casinos and bars a player spins a series of reels that display images. Depending on the outcome of how the images line up the player can win money. Simple slot games have 3 reels however some of the more advanced games can have more.

Mobile slots apps are offered by many online betting companies. They function in the same way as traditional machines but are displayed on a screen. Many of the best slots apps are available to play on most if not all mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. They can be played on android or ios platforms, which means they can be played anywhere, anytime.

Online Mobile Slot games examples

How to download Mobile slots apps – Device Compatibility

How to play slots apps

To be able to play these exciting and entertaining games, players need to choose an app most suited to them. We have chosen the best slots apps available and any one of them will work well.

The best slots games often take on a theme. Themes can include movie titles such as avengers, famous television shows, or sports games. The games often have incredible graphics and impressive sound effects to enhance the gameplay.

Playing the games requires customers to deposit funds into a betting account that has been chosen. These funds can then be used to spin the reels, depending on how the reels land will determine what cash prize, if any, will be returned. Essentially the player is betting on the outcome of the reels when they have been spun.

Do real money slot apps accept rupees?

Yes. All of the slot gambling apps and sites displayed on our site are available for Indian based players. There are several depositing methods available, which we have explained further down the page.

How to win money on mobile slots apps

Mobile slots apps require the player to deposit money. These funds can then be used per spin. Each slot game will have a different cost per spin however there are a huge amount of slots that can be played for very little money. All of the mobile slot games will have a minimum payout percentage, so although much of the outcome is down to luck, players can feel comfortable knowing that they do actually pay out.

Slot app games & free spins!

Like other betting products, such as sports, mobile betting apps offer new and existing customers free bets. With slots, these are often referred to as free spins and are exactly that. Players can play the games for free. These free spins will not be able to be transferred to use as real money and the free spin-stake value will not be included in any winnings. Nevertheless, free spins are a great and exciting way to play these games.

Slots are found within the casino section of the betting app. As discussed they often take on a theme to make gameplay more interesting. There are however different types of slot games.

  • Traditional Slots

These are often called fruit machines. They have been extremely popular throughout the years and are often seen in bars and real casino establishments. This type of slot has been transferred to online platforms and is a great place for new players to learn the ropes. With simple rules and reels to follow these classic slot games have stood the test of time for a reason, with gameplay key to their success.

  • Video Slots

These slots utilize the very best in video graphics and sound. As demand grows, so does expectation. These mobile slot games have dazzling video imagery and music to allow the player to fully immerse themselves into the storyline that supports the game. These games offer a fantastic experience.

  • Jackpot Slots

Jackpot slots apps are the place to win big cash prizes. Sometimes the jackpots can run into the millions for winning lines. They take time and judgement and are perhaps for the more experienced casino slot player.

Mobile Slot game of the month | February

  • 5 Reels

  • 9 Paylines

  • 2 Bonus rounds

How to deposit 

To play online slots, customers need a way of transferring money into their betting account. Fortunately, the Indian apps available will allow several depositing methods, which should make the process easy.

There are more traditional forms of depositing by using debit or credit methods, including Visa and Mastercard. With the advancement in online transactions, players now have the option of using internet payment methods such as e-wallets. These include Skrill, Neteller as well as the ever-popular Paytm and IMPS.

Paytm is an Indian e-commerce payment facility. It is available in 11 different Indian languages and allows QR code payment transactions. Paytm currently has over 350 million users.

Immediate Payment Service; allows the safe and secure transfer of electronic monetary funds. The service is available 24/7 and each month approximatley 200 million IMPS transactions are carried each month in India.

e-commerce money and payment service with low cast transfers that can be made online. Skrill is a popular method of depositing funds into betting app accounts.

e money transfer service that allows users to deposit and transfer funds directly to and from their own accounts through a secure online facility. Neteller is widley used for gambling payments.

Widley used payment method, transferring secure online payments from banking accounts. 

Multinational financial organisation offering secure payment solutions.

Any winnings can be transferred from the betting account back to the player. This process and depositing can all be set up and created when signing up to a new betting account with the chosen betting app.

Are slots apps free to download?

Absolutely yes! Slot users looking to play these mobile betting games should simply choose the betting app most suited to them. Mobile slots apps are more often than not a part of the casino product. Customers will only need to deposit funds to be able to spin the reels.

At this time, slots apps cannot be downloaded either from the play store or app store.

image of mobile slots apps games in India

Android users can download apk files to sideload the apps. In fact, some betting companies, including Betway, explain how to download their apk file on their site. These files will function in the same way as if it were downloaded from the store, unfortunately, they are created through a third party so customers should be aware of the source.

A much better way to access slots apps is to create an account, sign in to the site, and then save the login page to the home screen of the device. The saved page will then function like any other app. The very latest update will always be available along with the very best and current free spin promotions.

By saving the mobile slots site to the device means that storage space is greatly reduced and there is no need for updating when required. The downside is apps tend to be tailored to the customer. Nevertheless, the betting account will always be specific to the player and so any offers will always be available once signed in.

Are slots app safe and secure?

Customers are required to sign up and join their chosen app. This is known as a betting account, which includes such information as name, address, email address, and banking details. This information needs to be safeguarded and players can be assured that the mobile slots apps use the very latest in encrypted software, which helps protect against theft and fraud.

Responsible gaming

As with all our reviews, we are strong advocates of responsible gaming. Playing these slot games are exciting and can often be enticing, especially if players are chasing their winnings, which we strongly advise against. Our advice is to set a limit and only bet what can be afforded to lose.